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The Power of Video

Brides and grooms, welcome to Stupart Media: the destination for affordable videography and video editing services in the city of Toronto and surrounding GTA.

The planning has been underway for months, you've decided on your budget, and now you ask yourself: Is video worth it?

I'm here to help you understand the power of video, and why hiring a professional videographer team is essential for capturing the special moments throughout your big day.

4 Reasons Why Video is Essential

Wedding Vows

Photography is great for capturing snapshots of the precious moments. But, one thing that photography lacks is sound. The ceremony is arguably the most emotional part of the entire wedding day. The exchanging of vows and rings are moments that you will want to look back on. With use of professional microphones the vows will be captured, and you will be able to watch this wonderful memory on your 10th wedding anniversary.

First Dance

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. One photo can evoke an intense feeling of nostalgia. However, nothing truly brings you back into the moment the way that video can. Imagine your first dance as husband and wife. With video, every step, every beat, every move is immortalized forever. Brides and grooms who have shared their experiences with me have said that the entire day goes by in a giant blur. With video, the unforgettable moments at your dance party will never fade away.


This one is obvious. By hiring a videographer team who brings professional microphones to the table, you can bet that every word will be captured. That embarrassing anecdote by the best man? The tear-jerking speech by the maid of honour? With the power of video, the tears and laughter will stay with you forever.

Highlight Reel

There's no better way to sum up your entire day than a 5 minute highlight reel. As a couple you can pick the best song(s) that represent your journey down the aisle. The highlight reel is a compilation of all the best moments from the wedding day. This short clip video is guaranteed to tug on your heartstrings in a way that photography cannot.

Additional Tip:

A team of 2 videographers is always recommended. Having 2 cameras means 2 camera angles, which will give your wedding video a professional look.

Always remember, the addition of motion and sound allows for so much more than what photography can offer. With video, you can rest assured that your special day will live on forever.

For inquiries or to receive a quote, please contact Andrew Stupart today.​

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